Super Mario: Taste of Evil is an 3D action RPG fan-game with a lot of Dark Presences.


The overworld system is a free open world-like map where you can find items and interdimensional portals leading to other worlds. The battle system resembles the battle system from games like Final Fantasy and Kirby Warrior RPG 2 You have 5 stats in battle: HP (Health), SP (Special Power), CP (Courage), FP (Fear) and KP (Karma). Those stats can be upgraded by level up, special items and equipment.


Mario and Luigi wake up from athe horrible nightmare then they are jumpscared by a shadowy figure named Sathaenhe, alias Infection 666. The bros ask why he scared the and he says that they had cursed his species by triggering a warand between Light and Dark. The bros discover then what or who the true cause of the war is and Sathenhe must save the worlds from evil.