This Is a Fan Game Made By Cabal901


Legends tell of a utopic land in the sky. This 'Sky World' is said to be a home where everyone can live in peace. However, when E.Gadd creates a new invention that can send people to the sky, Peach decides to try it out for herself. Once she is in the Sky World, she is immediately kidnapped by the mysterious 'Sky Radiers'. Mario quickly rushes to save her and starts a journey he never thought was possible, and he soon realizes that the Sky World isn't like what they say it is.

Downloads Edit

DownloadFull (Old) Game

Remake Chapter 1 demo:


Mario: Our famous plumber from the Mushroom Kingdom. He's always ready and willing to save the Princess from evil. His determination always comes in handy when facing the evil monsters that he encounters on his journey.

Luigi: Luigi is Mario's not-so-famous brother. Luigi has always strived to be recognized and to be like his brother. He is always trying to complete tasks to prove to himself and to everyone that he is not a wimp, but infact, a true hero like his brother.

Peach: Peach is the princess of the Mushroom Kingdom and shares a special bond with Mario. She is always eager to try new things and sometimes that gets her in trouble. She is always counting on her Mario to come and rescue her.

Bowser: Bowser is the King of Koopas who is always trying to capture Princess Peach. He'll go to the ends of the earth and sky just to capture her which sometimes winds him up in places that he leasts expects.

E.Gadd: E.Gadd is a very knowledgable inventor who is always creating wacky inventions for everyone. His love for his job often blinds him and causes him to create inventions for the wrong people that could be used for the wrong reasons.

Goomster: Goomster is a giant Goomba who originates from the sky. He is very secretive about things he may or may not have done. He is very eager, determined and very upfront against his foes. He's got a huge past to cover up, one that may get him in a lot of trouble.

Toles: Toles is a magic using genius from the sky town of Skalia. His whole life is turned upside down when his town is mysteriously attacked and seeks vengiance on those who destroyed it. He is known as one of the two 'Magic Masters' in the Sky World and also tries to conceal a very secretive past.

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